Enemies The PlayA Police Drama

Cast & Crew

Cast Mugshot


LUCAS “LUKE” BOMBAY –- clean-cut, athletic male. 30’s.

CHARLES “CHUCK” MADDOX –- Luke’s partner but more run-down, cynical and older than his years. 30’s.

EMILY BOMBAY –- Luke’s wife; very wholesome, innocent way. Early 30’s.

JILLIAN BRENNAN –- Luke’s mistress; very sexy, attractive and confident. Late 20’s.

STEVEN MORRIS –- a stern and direct man who lives by his job in Internal Affairs of exposing dirty cops. 40’s or 50’s.

MALCOLM MCBRIDE –- an intellectual man who rarely shows his emotions, but genuinely cares about Luke’s health. 50’s or 60’s.

RICKY “EIGHTS” –- a wiry, energetic young man whose actual age is hidden by his habits. 20’s or 30’s. Also bears a striking resemblance to a young man named ERIN


Jerad W. Alexander — Director

Jane Sharp — Producer

Joseph Horst — Playwright

Madison Scott — Assistant Director

Ron Cooper — Stage Manager

John Ward — Lighting

Alise Scott & Jennifer McLeod — Costumes

Fern Thomas & Anna Nalepka — Makeup

Anna Nalepka — Props Mistress

Steven Maguire — Print and Web Designer

Matthew Hacker — Artwork

Phi Sigma Pi members — Head Usher and Ushers