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Emily’s Diary — March 5, 2006

I want more … is that a bad thing?

I watched another coworker get promoted, she wasn’t even qualified, well I guess that all depends on what you are looking for. Apparently at the office, an education, intelligence and foresight mean nothing. Apparently the longer your hair, the more contagious your laugh, and the more willing you are to accept submissiveness and a true lack of individual thought the further you can go!

When I got home all I wanted to do was fall helplessly into Luke’s arms, to be held and told that everything would be ok … to be reassured that I was ok. Home … where everything is safe … where everyone is themselves … and where ‘themselves’ is enough. But everything was changing …

The guest room was rearranged, emptied. Everything had been taken out, even our wedding picture. Luke was in there and barely moved when I walked in … he just looked at me and told me he needed a space of his own … his voice pierced though me, his eyes so dark and shiny. He had been crying, but wouldn’t admit it, he was cold and empty. I tried to go to him, but I was empty, maybe we both needed some time alone.

Emptiness … him from starting a desk job, me from fearing the rest of my life at one. Tomorrow for the first time, I’ll kiss him goodbye not have to wonder if this was the last time I would see him. He’ll be safe now; a promotion is always a good thing … everything will be alright, tomorrow.

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