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Emily’s Diary — April 5, 2006

Something has happened, something that isn’t over, something that is a secret, something inescapable.

I came home from work like any other day, but there he was, in that stupid bedroom alone, again. I was barely in the door when we began to argue, but I was determined to have a meal; if he would just spend a little time with me I could remind him that I’m his best friend. I am the one he needs to talk to, not Chuck; Chuck is just as miserable as he is, they don’t see things the way I do, they don’t understand. They have surrounded themselves with all of the negativity in the world, surrounded so thick they can’t see outside of it.

I’ve begun to suspect that Luke is cheating on me, but deep down I know it can’t be true, he loves me…he tells me he loves me. Luke took a ‘me’ day, he finally realizes that he has to separate himself from the job. We made dinner and ate together and after dinner he didn’t run away, he stayed and held me, just like before; and he came to bed instead of staying up to ‘think’. He listened to me instead of those voices in his head…he listened to me well into the early morning hours and I was finally sexy. It was perfect, he was perfect, we were perfect.

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