Enemies The PlayA Police Drama



Lucas Bombay has it all – a beautiful wife, a nice home, a recent promotion to lieutenant and a desk job in Vice and Narcotics. That all changes, though, when a crack addict knocks on his door and sends everything he’s worked so hard for spiraling into chaos.

From the Playwright

This play is dedicated to the officers, men and women, who put on the uniform and badge every day to “protect and serve” the public. Though those three words have become almost a cliché to everyone else, sometimes to be mocked and joked about, they are a sworn duty and fervent belief to the people behind the badge. I hope that the play shows that police officers suffer, love, need and fear the same as everyone else. Though the play does show very questionable actions by police officers, I do not condone these actions and they are not to be associated with any specific police officer in real life. The majority of police officers serve the position as proud examples of professionalism and duty; the minority who don’t should be rooted out and exposed. I am proud of my brethren and hope they see the play as the tribute to their humanity and the job they have sworn to uphold.


Joseph Horst first wrote Enemies for his Masters thesis in the Creative Writing Program in the English Department at East Carolina University in the summer of 2005. In September 2006, members of ECU’s Theatre and English departments performed a table reading of the play held at the Emerge Gallery in downtown Greenville, North Carolina.

During the next year and a half, Enemies was sent out to numerous theater companies around the country and in England. During that time, the play garnered semi-finalist status in the 2006 Eugene O’Neill Playwrights Conference as one of 100 submissions that were chosen out of over 800 plays. Most recently, Enemies won 7th place in the Stage Play category of the 76th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.

The play is still circulating amongst theater companies in the United States, with hopes that it will reach more of a national audience.


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